Reframing a Project – Open Letters

[here's a shortcut to the student work I'm discussing in this] I think I often end up as a "reframer" - looking for ways to make our MYP assessments more engaging or creative or authentic for students with small conceptual changes which shift the perspective just a bit. My go-to methods are usually trying to … Continue reading Reframing a Project – Open Letters


Vines in the Classroom

One new way I've been trying to document what's happening in the classroom is by taking short videos with the Vine app for iOS. The results are not always pretty, but I think they're interesting. For example, here's what happens when a 6th grader gets hold of an iPad connected to the projector: Here are some … Continue reading Vines in the Classroom

New Literacies Investigation – Phase Alpha: iPad publishing test

I haven't written anything here for a while, but I've been thinking a lot this year about pushing myself forward in terms of technology, and I think I'll have a few things to share in the near future. I'd lump a lot of what I'm thinking about recently under the umbrella of New Literacies, although … Continue reading New Literacies Investigation – Phase Alpha: iPad publishing test