Bangkok Urban Hiking

We just went on our 10th Bangkok Urban Hike today, and I hadn’t thought much about it before but in retrospect I’m kind of proud of planning that many walks.

Bangkok Urban Hiking Meetup

Bangkok, TH
1,809 BKK Urban Hikers

This is a group for anyone interested in hiking, climbing, adventuring, but can’t get away every weekend to hit the mountain trails. We live in a huge, amazing, vibrant city- …

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Then I remembered that 2 of those 10 were the same walks, but in reverse. Oh well. So, 8 walks.

My personal criteria for mapping out these walks have been that they all must start and stop at public transportation stations, shouldn’t involve too many big street crossings, must be around 10k long, and should involve as many small alleys and canal banks as possible.

I am a very reluctant tour guide or group leader, and Kim takes over 99% of the duties of that role before and during these walks anyway, but even so leading relatively large groups of people on these walks has challenged me quite a bit… but they have also all been very fun.

So… I just spent a rather frustrating hour or so putting together this map which includes all 8 of the main walks which we’ve led.

(By the way, it’s kind of a challenge to combine 8 Google Maps into one. You have to export and re-import the layers as KMZ files, etc., etc. And apparently you can’t have more than 10 layers, so this map is already very close to its maximum possible level of complexity.)

I’ll confine this post mainly to linking to the map above, but I could go on forever about the kindness of all the Thai people we have imposed on during these walks, the unforgettable quality of the sunlight falling on bricks and concrete and bamboo and banana trees and shrines and wood planks and oily canals in the mornings, the sudden terror of encountering a pack of obviously inbred and cantankerous soi dogs… I’ll have to get into all that some other time.

And speaking as an educator… my main comment on this whole thing would be that it has all been made possible almost entirely thanks to skills acquired from video games.

Anyway, this has been an unexpectedly fun activity for me to be involved with, and I hope we can continue until Bangkok is entirely under water due to rising sea levels! (So, until about six months from now.)

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