Vines in the Classroom

One new way I’ve been trying to document what’s happening in the classroom is by taking short videos with the Vine app for iOS. The results are not always pretty, but I think they’re interesting. For example, here’s what happens when a 6th grader gets hold of an iPad connected to the projector:

Here are some other Vines from the last couple months. Most of them show us trying out some new uses of technology in the classroom, but some are just silly. Either way, they usually show us having a good time and sharing what we’re learning with each other, which I think is important. I’m trying to think of ways Vine might be useful for student projects as well – I haven’t come up with any ideas yet, but it’s definitely something I think would be fun to try out as part of a project.

[The rest of this post was Vines, but they don’t work any more because Vine doesn’t exist any more. I’m leaving this post up as a memorial to remind myself not to rely too much on any one technology tool, since they, like the rest of human existence, are inherently ephemeral and unreliable]


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