Course 4, Week 2, Non Sequiteur

This week I ought to find myself asking myself the question “How can teachers and schools ensure that students are meeting technology standards in their school within an integrated model?”, but I think my answer to this would be uncomfortably close to my thoughts from last week, so instead I’ll discuss something else, completely unrelated, that I’ve been thinking about this week, namely:

Do teachers find that they develop and stick with a consistent “flow” of specific technology tools from project to project? What are they, and what are the pros and cons of developing this sort of flow?

For example, for me the last few projects I’ve done have fallen into a similar and sequential pattern of tech tools:

Prior knowledge / introduction: Wallwisher

Basic background information: watching video clips

Gathering research sources: Diigo

Assembling research: Google Docs

Designing the project: Keynote / PowerPoint (I’m not going to pretend – we do a lot of slideshows in Humanities)

Editing / adding music etc.: iMovie

Sharing and reflecting on finished project: Blog

This seems to be a natural progression of tools that fit each step for me, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve done multiple projects in Grade 8 in particular this year that used almost the exact same progression. So my question is: Is it helpful for students’ proficiency and comfort level to do more than one project that use almost the same mix of technology tools in any one semester, or is it boring? What sequence of tools have you developed or fallen into using, and what pros/cons have you seen in using this sort of mix of tools?

2 thoughts on “Course 4, Week 2, Non Sequiteur

  1. Thanks Alex. I like the way that you linked the learning activities in your class with the tools that you use. I think that my class works in much the same way. I think that if the tool fits then you should use it. If the content itself is stimulating and the technology tool is doing the job then I don’t think that it would be boring. However, I also think that it is important for us to be always looking for and learning about other tools that could work just as well or better.

  2. That does seem to be the pattern for everything, doesn’t it? Right now, I’m okay with it, but I’m guessing it will change as we get more comfortable with the curriculum/assessment. What I wonder is whether or not the kids notice the pattern?

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