Enter NETS

Just some thoughts after scanning the ISTE NETS standards. I think I've seen them before, but I've never used them in the classroom myself. (Scan, by the way, is an autoantonym, one of those strange words that can mean its own opposite. I will leave the reader to decide which meaning of "scan" fits what I've … Continue reading Enter NETS


Three Things I’m Unlearning

How are my thoughts changing? Constantly, sometimes uncomfortably, but generally for the better, I hope. Up until I became a teacher a few years ago, my views of knowledge, education - and by extension technology's place in it -  were radically different. I think I amassed three or four erroneous "big ideas" about knowledge over the … Continue reading Three Things I’m Unlearning

Rupturing the Wineskin, or Funnel Vision

I've just read the article Disrupting Class by Christensen and Horn. A few thoughts: The Right Direction My first reflection is that I agree with the article's overall surface message as I understand it, which is something like Education in many schools remains "teacher-centric"; It's long been apparent that certain uses of technology should ideally help … Continue reading Rupturing the Wineskin, or Funnel Vision