We’re moving to Bangkok!

Things have happened very quickly over the last couple of weeks and I’m still slightly in shock, but I think it’s starting to sink in. My wife Kim has been offered a job at the International School of Bangkok, and we’ll be moving there this summer.

I will be sad to leave Kuala Lumpur and the school where I’ve been having so much fun and gaining so much experience, but I am nothing but excited about this new opportunity to strike out on a new path and to learn more about a new part of the world.

I’ve always been fascinated by Thailand, its culture and religion, and its unique status as one of the few nations on Earth which have never been officially colonized by Europeans. I can’t wait!

Photo source: http://www.guidetothailand.com/

2 thoughts on “We’re moving to Bangkok!

  1. The reason why it was not colonized by a European country is because it was used as a buffer between Malaysia And Burma I believe. Anyway, ISB is a nice very nice school and I am sure you will love Thailand. More Power

  2. It’s interesting getting to know you virtually through the internet. First through twitter and now through your blog. Congratulation on your move to Thailand and on to your beautiful apartment.

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